Welcome to my Southwest jaguar blog

Hello, and welcome to my Southwest jaguar blog. I hope this page will become the place to come for the latest news on these beautiful cats, interesting discussions, Q&A’s with some of the principals involved and a place to connect with other like-minded souls interested in the survival of the jaguar in Arizona, New Mexico (and of course, Sonora). To be honest I feel like a cult of one; I’m up in Colorado surfing the web for info, emailing everyone I can think of and still I feel like the only person in the state who cares (or even knows) that there are jaguars in the US.

First off, a little about me. I’m a jaguar fanatic from way back. I’d have to say it all started with Alan Rabinowitz’s book Jaguar (which I highly recommend if you haven’t already read it). I even wrote him a fan letter which he responded to with a very kind postcard from Asia. I was in graduate school in Tucson at the time and the 1986 killing of a jag in the Dos Cabezas Mountains only added fuel to the fire. The 1996 Arizona sightings by Warner Glenn (see Eyes of Fire) and Jack Childs (Tracking the Felids of the Borderlands) thrilled me beyond words. Since then I have followed the big cat’s return to my natal state (AZ) with a mixture of pride and apprehension. Pride that there’s still room for such a lovely animal in the crowded SW and apprehension that the toe-hold is so tenuous that it will soon be swept away by a border fence, political in-fighting between conservationists and researchers and, most likely, by apathy from the populace at large. So maybe this blog can change that a little!

For an excellent overview of the story of the jaguar’s return to the Southwest and the efforts to identify Macho A and Macho B (the beautiful male jaguars found in Arizona- Macho B is still wandering out there!) see Wild Cat News here and click on the article entitled “The Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project.”

Let me say that any opinions I express are solely mine. I don’t work for, represent or shill for any group of any stripe. I’m a librarian for crying out loud! 😉

One more thing: I envision this blog as a place to discuss jaguars in the Southwest. Inevitably the subject of the feds’ plans to build a border fence will come up. I welcome debate on the fence and its impact on jags and other cross-border wildlife. However, I do not want to get into any messy political arguments about undocumented workers/illegal aliens/terrorists/human rights/etc, etc. This is a blog about the largest cat in the New World, if you want to talk politics there are other places to do so. Thanks!

I hope that in time this page will look a bit more slick. I’m just learning this whole blog thing. Thanks for your patience!


4 Responses to “Welcome to my Southwest jaguar blog”

  1. Blue Moon Girl Says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing what you have to say and learning more about jaguars!

  2. swjags Says:

    Thanks! I hope you learn something and come back again! Bill

  3. Marek Says:

    Guillermo, you did never tell me about this. Seriously. I knew you liked Jaguars but I didn’t know you had a blog about ’em.

    And don’t you worry about “slick-ness.” As the late Great Hudson would have said, “Slickness is sickness.”

    Great idea! anyway. Makes me want to get “involved” in a noble cause.

  4. swjags Says:

    Come back and learn a few things! 🙂

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