Jaguar Update

Hello- I heard from Emil McCain of the Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project today and he shared some interesting information on upcoming magazine articles (and one tv show!) on his research and SW jags. Here’s Emil: The Aududon article has been fact-checked and edited and is scheduled for publication in Sept. The Smithsonian is in the editing process and I just heard that they decided to do a larger feature story and will need to push the publication date back to Nov to make enough space for all they want to do. The High Country News is still in the writing stage. History channel interviews are done and I think they are shooting for a winter airing.


This is a pic of Emil in the field. Please help him to continue working with jaguars by donating at his website. Thanks!

BTW, in the next few days I’ll be posting a Q&A w/ the Center for Biological Diversity’s Michael Robinson, author of Predatory Bureaucracy. Stay tuned for that!


One Response to “Jaguar Update”

  1. patrick Says:

    my name is patrick noha i live in vinton texas just west of elpaso my wife saw a big cat at the rio this morning and called anamil cantrol she says its a couger when i looked up big cats in this area i got your info this isent the frist time we have had a big cat in are area before but only seing prints
    Thank you
    Patrick Noha

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