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Center for Biological Diversity jaguar article

October 27, 2007

Michael Robinson has written an interesting jaguar article in the current newsletter of the Center for Biological Diversity. There’s a link off this page. Enjoy.

Jeff Williamson Q&A

October 25, 2007



I’m very pleased to present this Q&A with the long-time director of the Phoenix Zoo, Jeff Williamson. The Phoenix Zoo has been involved in wildlife conservation since it opened in 1962 and Jeff has continued that tradition. On to the Q&A!

1. Please tell us a little about your background and how you came to be involved in wildlife conservation.

I grew up on farms and have always worked with living systems. Although most of my studies were in agriculture and public policy, my passion is


Put your money where your mouth is…

October 24, 2007


photo: Northern Jaguar Project

Hi All- I strongly urge those of you who read this blog (and I can see that you’re out there even tho’ you don’t comment very often) to donate to the Northern Jaguar Project’s effort to expand the Northern Jaguar Preserve through the purchase of Rancho Zetasora. They are in the home stretch and as NJP’s President Diana Hadley puts it “time is short and getting critical.” Any amount will help protect a beautiful part of Mexico where jaguars, ocelots, macaws and other wildlife thrives. For more info you can see my post from September 13th. Please do what you can. Many thanks!

Smithsonian article

October 23, 2007

The November issue of Smithsonian has a multi-page article on jaguars with pictures and comments from Emil McCain, Warner Glenn, Jack Childs and others.  I don’t think it’s quite as good as the High Country News feature but it’s still worth a read. It’s not real cheerful going, what with the border fence, mining claims, politicians and Border Patrol agents, but that’s the reality of the jaguar’s plight in Arizona these days.

More Chertoff antics

October 23, 2007


When you’re playing with a stacked deck it’s always easy to “win”. From Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star.

Interesting LA Times piece

October 17, 2007


Thought this was a good article from the LA Times.

High Country News cover story!

October 12, 2007


Hi- please run to the library, bookstore or read it here, but you really have to read the jaguar article in the newest edition of High Country News. There are great photos, comments from Emil McCain, Michael Robinson, Jack Childs and others. You’ll learn disturbing things like the fact that Macho B hasn’t been photographed by any of Emil’s cameras since some recent border fence building by the Dept of Homeland Security. Interesting, too, is the discussion of the sometimes cantankerous relationship between various jaguar conservation groups; something I have experienced myself. Anyway, go read. You won’t be disappointed!

More Chertoff “wisdom” and some good news

October 12, 2007


Well, Chertoff is still saying silly things but at least there’s some good news in this article from the San Diego paper.

Stay tuned for more Q&A’s. Thanks for your patience.

Michael Chertoff: Biological genius

October 2, 2007


Of course I joke. Nice comments in the Washington Post. With that level of  ignorance at the top I think it’s just a matter time before that damn wall gets built.