Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project in jeopardy!


I have recently heard from Emil McCain and the news isn’t good. The Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project is pretty much at a standstill at this point due to a lack of funds. Emil is living in a tent and there’s very little work being done. I urge those of you who value jaguars, wildlands and scientific knowledge to donate anything you can at Emil’s website. Thank you.

4 Responses to “Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project in jeopardy!”

  1. John McRae Says:

    While retuning home from the Eastern Shore of Virginia in June of 2006, I chose to travel Seaside Rd instead of main Highway 13. The Eastern Shore of Virginia is largely produce farms and fishing villages. They have an abundant white tailed deer population. I was driving on Seaside road in the farming area and as I came around a curve I looked to my left at an old farm house and my friend hollered and said look at t he cat. What I saw was the hind quarters and tail of an adult panther size cat solid black. I stop the car but the cat had moved on into heavily treed creek bottom and I could not see it.
    I emailed the game department in that area but recieved no response. I called my Aunt whom I was visiting and told her about it. She said later that she mentioned me seeing the cat to some of her neighbors and they said they had also seen it but didnt want to say anything about it for fear people would think they are nuts.
    I’m 63 years old, born and raised in North East Flrodia and have seen three adult panthers while hunting. All in the Camp Blanding National Guard Base.
    A few years ago some State of Florida biologists decided it would be a good thing to release 5 western cougars/pumas/mountian lions, into the Osceola National Forest. Two were found shot and floating the Suwanee River. One travled to Jacksonville from Osceola nad was darted in a tree in someones back yard in one the local neighbor hoods.
    John McRae.

  2. John McRae Says:

    Bob cats, house cats, dont have tails that are 24-36 long or longer. Thats what I saw.

  3. Rick Mixon Says:

    If you are still gathering info about black cats, I have a sighting around Brownwood Tx. that can be verified by all the hunters in our party. We never reported, it except to the landowner, but we all were able to see the animal for about 15 to 20 seconds as it stoped and crouched at about 20 yards.

    • jess Says:

      Has anyone at your hunting lease ever caught such a cat on trail camera? What was the size of the cat?

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