Northern Jaguar Project/Naturalia Score!


photo: Northern Jaguar Project/Naturalia

I received an email today with the good news that the Northern Jaguar Project and Naturalia successfully completed the purchase of Rancho Zetasora on January 31st.

This 35,000 acre ranch increases the Northern Jaguar Reserve nearly four-fold. After so much bad news and political spinelessness it’s nice to pass along this tidbit. Congrats to Diana Hadley, Oscar Moctezuma and their staffs (especially swjags Q&A participant JC Bravo). Well done. As the email said “Many thanks/Mil gracias.”

2/12/08- Here’s a nice little article on the Reserve.

2/17/08- Defenders of Wildlife have a good press release here.

2 Responses to “Northern Jaguar Project/Naturalia Score!”

  1. Helmuth van Es Says:

    Congratulations and thank you so much for caring about the world around us !

    Helmuth van Es, Ph.D.
    The Netherlands

  2. swjags Says:

    Thanks for visiting, Helmuth!!

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