Update from the Field

Hello. I heard from Emil McCain today and he had this to report:

AZ is quickly turning green with good summer rains, after a very hot and dry May-June.  Luckily our cameras survived several large wildfires within the study area.  No sign of jaguar since last July, even though my monitoring effort is more thorough over a larger area than ever before. 

Here’s a pic from one of Emil’s trail cams.

Emil also reports that the Borderlands Jaguar Detetction Projectwould be very grateful if anyone could donate a used 4×4 truck . Emil is really hitting the backcountry in search of jaguars and those roads are mighty rough on vehicles. If you are interested in making a truck donation please contact me and I’ll pass it along to Emil. With the price of gas being what it is there must be someone out there who’d like to get rid of their truck, no?

I find it significant that there have been no sightings in AZ in a year and that coincides with the time that Chertoff and Company starting building their fence through sensitive areas along the border. I understand that you can’t prove that the fence, with its accompanying construction noise, etc, drove Macho B and other jags away, but it seems pretty interesting that Macho B was being seen quite regularly and now he’s vanished, in spite of greater efforts and a wider net. There are numerous things that could have happened, but I’m merely saying it’s a disturbing coincidence. And I’m not thrilled that both Obama and McCain voted for the stupid ass thing in the first place, so 2009 doesn’t look to be a time for great change.

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