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News from Emil McCain on Macho B

February 26, 2009


photo: Humboldt State University

As some of you may know, I pester Emil McCain on a regular basis for any info he can provide on jaguar biology, new (more…)

Macho B photo gallery

February 25, 2009

The AZ Game and Fish Department now has a link to several pictures of Macho B, including a lovely one of his paw (more…)

Macho B update

February 25, 2009


photo: Arizona Game and Fish Department

The LA Times has had good coverage of Macho B’s collaring and here’s a little more from them. Poor guy looks a bit (more…)

More on Macho B and “the collar”

February 21, 2009

This is from the Az Daily Star. Good stuff, especially since no one is saying much more at this point.


Macho B collared!!!

February 20, 2009


photo: Arizona Game and Fish Department

This is very exciting news and historic, too. For the first time ever a wild jaguar in the US is wearing a radio collar. (more…)

Central Mexico jags

February 11, 2009

Even tho’ this is a bit “out of range” I like to post positive things about El Tigre and I think this article certainly (more…)

2009 Carnivore Conference in Denver

February 9, 2009


Start saving your money, clearing your calendar and making plans to visit Denver this November (it’s not usually too cold then!) (more…)