Alan Rabinowitz speaks out

Yesterday’s NY Times carried an opinion piece from the Big Cat himself, Alan Rabinowitz. It’s not going to please a lot of the people who support the USFWS latest decision re: critical habitat. Here’s a link to check out.

4 Responses to “Alan Rabinowitz speaks out”

  1. Tony Povilitis Says:

    What doesn’t Dr. Alan Rabinowitz understand about why jaguars disappeared from the American Southwest? Does he believe they just decided not to live here anymore?

    In historic times, jaguars were decimated by hunting and predator extermination campaigns. They lived in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, with some reports from Louisiana and elsewhere.

    The decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to prepare a recovery plan for the jaguar is fully consistent with, and in fact required by, rules for animal preservation under the nation’s Endangered Species Act. That is why conservationists won a favorable court ruling on this matter.

    Endangered species that are native to the U.S. but with ranges mostly beyond our borders have U.S. recovery programs, including northern aplomado falcon, Mexican wolf, Pacific hawksbill sea turtle, and many others.

    As for habitat in the Southwest, there is no reason by jaguars cannot live here. Arizona’s Macho B had an exceptionally long life before he was killed, a fact consistent with recent positive assessments of habitat for the region.

    I see no inherent conflict between efforts to restore the jaguar in the U.S and elsewhere. In fact, the U.S. should undertake a concerted program with Mexico to restore our shared jaguar population, the northernmost in the world. Jaguars are precious to both our countries.

    Tony Povilitis, PhD
    Life Net Nature
    Willcox, Arizona

  2. Sergio Avila Says:

    Please follow the links to find Sky Island Alliance’s comments on jaguar recovery in the region and efforts to accomplish this:
    A letter to the editor of the New York Times:

    An article on the latest Arizona Highways Magazine:

    Click to access emerald-isle-az-highways-feb-2010.pdf

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