New Jaguar Seen in SE Arizona

Welcome back, El Tigre (even if it’s just a holiday ramble)!! Props to the unnamed hunter who called off his dogs, took pictures and video and then walked away. Well done.  Here’s more from AZ G&F and always check with the Arizona Daily Star for the best jaguar coverage.

3 Responses to “New Jaguar Seen in SE Arizona”

  1. Gato Verde Says:

    Welcome back and thanks for the update! Good to see there is jaguar life after Macho B and the border fence. Hope this guy stays around and brings a girlfriend!

    • swjags Says:

      I’m glad to be back and to have something to post other than boring legal details, less-than-flattering exploits of various parties and the like. I made a vow to myself to wait until another jag wandered over before I posted again; so here we are!
      A female jaguar would be an amazing thing and, while I’m not holding my breath, we can always hope. Fingers crossed. And fingers crossed that AZ Game and Fish will release a pic soon. Some of us wonder if the unnamed hunter might be Warner Glenn, which has resulted in much groaning of being “a lucky sucker” and talk of a jaguar hat trick! Congrats to whoever it is and thank you for your report to the authorities.
      Thanks for commenting, Gato Verde!

      • swjags Says:

        P.S. I’m glad there are no plans to collar this jag. I don’t think anyone in state or federal agencies even remotely wants a repeat of anything like the Macho B case specifically and jaguars in general. My attitude about collaring a population of one has changed since 2009 and the risks just aren’t worth it. We’ll have to be happy with the knowledge that the big cats wander our country on occasion and leave it at that for now.

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