New camera trap study

Here’s a link to an article on the newly announced 3 year camera trapping study of jaguars in the Southwest. While I think this will produce lots of great info and possibly answer long-standing questions, cynical me see it as a case of paralysis by analysis. I don’t think there’s the political will to do much for jaguars (and other wide-ranging predators), especially when faced with the power of the livestock industry, et al.  I imagine that the hope among certain parties is that the jags are all transients males, not residents and certainly not a breeding population. As long as the big cats wander through, look pretty on the camera traps and don’t cause anyone any discomfort they’ll be welcomed. But, as is the case with other potentially dangerous predators, if one calf goes missing or someone’s “right” to do anything they damn well please is infringed upon, well, then, sorry Mr. Onca, we don’t have room for your kind here.  Endangered species are a pain in the ass.


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