More snarls

More annoyance and grousing from yours truly!!

– I think it’s obscene that our society values people who can sell things, destroy the environment or scare others in the name of politics, but people who have advanced degrees in the sciences (and other realms) have to struggle to make ends meet and are forced to take some half-assed part-time job to survive.  Isn’t it time we funded our wildlife obsession? Put our money where our mouth is and allow the next generation of scientists to do what they are trained to do? Hell, put a new tax on wildlife books and other goods and plow it back into research!! Support your local PhD, folks!!

– Back to the subject of wildlife films: please get a different theme than the calendar. I’m tired of watching films that end with ” and as the first flakes of snow fall and the north wind brings with it the threat of bitter cold to come, another fall ends in [insert temperate location here].” Seriously, work on the creativity, dudes.

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