Good book

Hello again- sit tight for a cool upcoming Q&A, but in the meantime I have a very interesting book to recommend.  It is called Manipulative Monkeys by Susan Perry and Joseph Manson. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to do field work on highly intelligent monkeys (white-faced capuchins) in a beautiful country (Costa Rica), this book is for you. There are tales of extremely complex social interactions, violence, infanticide and monkey feces (!) , all told in an easily readable manner. So many academics can’t write except in the terse (i.e. boring) manner of journal articles but Susan Perry and her husband, Joseph Manson, are entertaining guides to this amazing primate world that so few people know about. Having seen capuchins in Costa Rica last year, I can attest that they are little dudes with HUGE personalities. Manipulative Monkeys is a blast. Read it and then maybe toss in a few bucks so the research can continue.


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    […] since I read Manipulative Monkeys last year, I’ve been bugging Susan Perry to do a Q&A. She’s been super nice, but, you know, […]

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