A snarl for the USFWS

I haven’t shared too many snarls lately, but this is really disturbing. Boo USFWS!! Thanks to Josh of The Jaguar and Its Allies for sharing this with me!

What a joke, seriously. It’s death by a thousand cuts- this particular project or that one, taken in a vacuum, will not conclusively harm wildlife, the habitat or other animals. Common sense tells you that if you put a copper mine in the middle of wildlands, you’re going to impact the wildlife, soil, air and overall ecosystem. But if you look only at one project, how is one project going to change the area? It’s just one project, there’s plenty of other habitat. Humans have an incredible ability to rationalize anything if it is in their interest to do so.

I think it’s more evidence that we live in a plutocracy and laws can be ignored if it means jobs. Sadly, there are lots of people who feel that way & give the proverbial rat’s ass about wildlife and wild lands.Just read the comments section of any environmental article- there are some frighteningly ignorant people out there with very fixed and certain opinions. Grrr….


“I love the smell of petrochemicals in the morning.”

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