“El Jefe, where you at?”

Not a great time to take a powder, Boss!! Get back to Arizona, dude!! Here’s more info from the Arizona Daily Sun‘s Tony Davis.

El Jefe the jaguar

3 Responses to ““El Jefe, where you at?””

  1. Josh Gross | The Jaguar Says:

    I seem to recall that Macho B did this a few times too, but that he always turned up again. Jaguars are elusive creatures whose habits we don’t fully understand.

  2. swjags Says:

    Definitely, Josh! I just wish he’d show up so a. we’d know he’s safe and b. he’d possibly provide some anti-Rosemont ammo. It’s hard to “use” him if he’s gallivanting around looking for females! 😉

  3. Potentially New Jaguar Photographed in Arizona – The Jaguar Says:

    […] is El Jefe, the jaguar who currently resides in Arizona, then it is still important news. El Jefe has not been seen for quite some time, so his reappearance near Fort Huachuca would be […]

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