“Yeah, but…

don’t get all excited, cuz, you know, he’s not really all that important. We’ll grudgingly admit to his presence but don’t expect us to actually like it… You silly people with your lack of understanding of basic biology- you need a Mommy jaguar to make little jaguars…”

Oh, AZGFD, you are so funny!

Say hello to the new boss.

4 Responses to ““Yeah, but…”

  1. Bill Andres Says:

    Not trying to be funny. We’re merely stating biological fact. We’re happy to see this jaguar, but Arizona is on the extreme northern fringe of jaguar territory. Any real recovery must happen in the core of jaguar country where the breeding population is concentrated, and that’s about 130 miles south of Arizona in Sonora, Mexico. Solitary male jaguars, like those that have visited Arizona over the last 20 years, cannot constitute a population.

  2. swjags Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Bill. I was being facetious, but my feeling is that AZGFD is so always quick to point out that male jaguars “cannot constitute a population” that it gives the impression of wishing the damn things would stay on the other side of the border. No doubt it would make all of your jobs easier, but the reality is that this beautiful animal (or two or more) wanders in Arizona and, to me, that’s something to be celebrated. And who knows, one day there could be jaguars breeding in the US. Wildlife doesn’t always fit into the paradigms we’ve created to understand the world and that’s a source of wonder. Male, female, cub, elderly & drooling- regardless of where they are found or what they biologically represent, I say, “Viva El Tigre!”

  3. Bill Andres Says:

    Thanks for allowing the discussion, SWJags. We usually point out the biological fact that it takes “two to tango” because every time a male wanders into Arizona, there is a suggestion in the media that we now have a jaguar population. Lately, speculation has been, “there may be two jaguars, so that means there’s a population now.”
    We are happy to see jaguars in the state, but until there are females living in Arizona, the claim of a “population” is wishful thinking at best.
    AZGFD is proud to be working in the only state with four big cats: Mountain Lions, Jaguars, Ocelots and Bobcats!

  4. swjags Says:

    And here’s to a lithe and seductive female jaguar finding her way to the Grand Canyon State, no matter how unlikely that might seem to rational thinkers!
    Thanks for visiting, Bill!

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