Nice jaguar/wall video & article

Hi All- here’s a cool video on the wall and jaguars.  It’s part of a interesting article in the Phoenix paper. Click here to read it all- well worth it!

Regardless of the questions of critical habitat, the ESA, extreme edge of range, etc., you don’t need to have a PhD to know that Trump’s wall idea is complete shit and waste of money. It will destroy migration routes, fragment habitat and communities, keep wildlife out of this country, but not people. Again, I love the irony of the GOP, who have deified Reagan and his “single-handed destruction of the Iron Curtain” (to say nothing of their constant whining from 2009-17 about “the overreaching, Imperial Presidency”), wanting to waste billions on putting up a wall to keep out people who are in search of a better life.  I guess that whole fighting authoritarianism and fascism thing only applies to entities outside the government.  “Mr. Gorb- … uh, Trump, tear down this wall!”

Oh well, when you invite the circus to town, one should not be surprised when the clowns run amok…..

Viva El Tigre! And while you’re at it, toss a few bucks to the Northern Jaguar Project!


2 Responses to “Nice jaguar/wall video & article”

  1. Josh Gross | The Jaguar Says:

    Definitely a good article. I’ll have to share it on my site too, once I find the time to do a brief write-up.

  2. swjags Says:

    Go for it, Josh! 🙂

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