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Hey 2020

June 22, 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 deserves a giant global raspberry. Yeesh.


Nice jaguar/wall video & article

November 21, 2017

Hi All- here’s a cool video on the wall and jaguars.  It’s part of a interesting article in the (more…)

Very sad news

April 16, 2017

I am so very sad about the death of Richard Mahler. Richard first contacted me out of the (more…)

Another Arizona jaguar!

March 3, 2017

Awesome news! As usual, Tony Davis of the Arizona Daily Star has the story here. I am (more…)

“Yeah, but…

December 15, 2016

don’t get all excited, cuz, you know, he’s not really all that important. We’ll grudgingly (more…)

Bienvenidos a Arizona, Sr. Tigre!!!

December 8, 2016

A fine looking jag in AZ is always worth noting, whether it’s a new animal or not. Welcome!

“El Jefe, where you at?”

May 26, 2016

Not a great time to take a powder, Boss!! Get back to Arizona, dude!! Here’s more info from (more…)

A snarl for the USFWS

May 4, 2016

I haven’t shared too many snarls lately, but this is really disturbing. Boo USFWS!! Thanks (more…)

More Imogene Davis

February 25, 2016

Former swjags Q&A participant, Imogene Davis, is featured in this cool interview on (more…)

One word: Gorgeous!!

February 3, 2016

You walk on, El Jefe, terrorizing the javelinas, coatis and white-tails!! My God, what a (more…)